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Pet Basics

Pets can have very beneficial effects on their owners. They're stimulating, entertaining, and can even improve the general health and well-being of an owner, such as lowering blood pressure or relieving stress. As humans, we often seek companionship and we find that easily in the pet-owner relationship. Before getting a new pet, though, there are several things we should think about first.


Though it seems obvious, you should be sure that you're compatible with your pet of choice. If you have a great fear of an animal, it would be best not to keep it as a pet. Doing so will most likely cause unneeded stress to you and to the pet. Be sure your pet is compatible with members of your family, particularly children. There are types of species that are not good with children, and some pets require more attention than others.


Many pets require a specific type of habitat, whether it's a large enclosure, a cage or aquarium. Choose the habitat that suit's the pet the best. Research or ask a pet provider which is best. Many small animals like rodents can escape from cages that have small openings like spaces between wires in a cage. Some animals require more room than others. The best way to be sure what type of habitat is best for your pet is to ask a professional.


Be sure you'll be able to provide enough food for your pet. Food can get expensive depending on the pet. Some animals require live food, so be sure it is easily available for purchase in your area.


Most animals need maintenance of some kind, whether it is keeping their habitat clean, checking for health problems or even just interaction. Know what you're getting into beforehand, and be sure you have enough time to dedicate yourself to proper maintenance.


Know the health risks of your pets. Some types of animals are more prone to specific diseases or conditions. Be sure that you're ready to deal with complications if they arise. Some animals require to be removed from their normal habitat and kept in a special "hospital" type habitat instead. (Fish, for instance, need to be removed from a common tank if sick)

In general, a good rule is to never purchase a pet on a whim. Do your research first. A pet is a great responsibility, as you will be accountable for a being's life. There are many advantages to owning a pet, but it is a decision not to be taken lightly.

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Source: www.isnare.com