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Wedding Favor Craft Ideas - A Few Easy Steps To Follow

Putting the wedding favor craft ideas into realization could be held as tiring but unique and rewarding as well in many ways. Furthermore, the guests would surely love those because it is not an everyday occurrence that wedding favor craft ideas are showcased in weddings.

You will not only save some of the budget but you would also bring complete happiness to the wedding guests. If you are serious with pursuing this project, here are the very easy to follow steps in creating those wedding favor craft ideas you want to have.

1. The do it yourself seed packet wedding favor craft idea.

These could be bought from a lot of wedding favor specialists but you may always use your creativity in doing them. It would not only be cheaper but you could as well decide on the number of pieces to include in the tokens.

Simply buy some large quantities and then divide them, tie them using the squares of fabric like the silk, organza, or tulle together with a matching ribbon. Placing them in boxes or jars would add up to the appeal.

2. The do it yourself bookmark wedding favor craft idea.

It is a good choice especially if the couples are both literati. The bookmark could be printed in a cardstock and you may include a picture of both of you with a quote or poem and the details on the wedding dates and venue. The ribbon to be used should match the wedding theme motif.

3. Do it yourself candy wedding favor craft ideas.

Working on these souvenirs by yourself would allow you to choose the candies personally. Instead of the very traditional Jordan almonds, you may opt for the lemon heads and other favorites of yours.

4. The do it yourself tea wedding favor craft ideas.

This is one relaxing wedding favor that may be given to your wedding guests. These are also great cures for the hangover.

5. The do it yourself magnet wedding favor craft ideas.

Both the young and old guests may often be fond with the use of magnets. They could be ornamented with buttons, stones, and photos of the two of you.

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