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The Fluorescent Lamp

Nowadays we can find lots of different types of lamps. Today we have incandescent lamps, LEDs or also HID lamps. A further type of lamp is the fluorescent lamp. This type of lamp is a gas-discharge lamp and it uses electricity in order to excite mercury vapour in argon or neon gas. This usually results in a plasma that is used to produce short-wave ultraviolet light. Generally this light causes a phosphor to fluoresce and in doing so it produces visible light.

In contrast to other types of lamps such as the incandescent lamps, the fluorescent lamps always require ballast that is necessary to regulate the flow of power through the lamp. This ballast is usually enclosed in the fixture in common tube fixtures. By contrast the compact fluorescent light bulb may have conventional ballast that is located in the fixture or they otherwise may have ballasts that are integrated in the bulbs. This allows them to be used in applications such as lamp holders that are normally used for incandescent lamps.

Today the fluorescent lamps are a very popular lighting and therefore they have lots of different usages. Regarding the fact that we can find this type of lighting in many different shapes and sizes today, we also find many different applications for them. A very popular type of this lamp is the compact fluorescent light bulb. Lots of these lamps integrate the auxiliary electronics into the base of the lamp. This allows them to fit into a regular light bulb socket. Therefore fluorescent lamps are used in kitchens, basements or hallways and also in schools and businesses. Additionally fluorescent lamps are also used for lighting arrangements. Today fluorescent lamps are an increasing popular type of lamp also due to the fact that many countries ban other types of lamps such as the incandescent light bulbs.


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