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Wholesale Buyers: Attract Wholesale Buyers

Wholesale buyers are the lifeblood of every wholesale business. You need wholesale buyers to build a solid wholesale business.

While every wholesale business needs different types of wholesale buyers, what they all need is solid long term business from these wholesale buyers.

So how do you find these wholesale buyers? And once you do find them, how do you attract them to your wholesale business?

In order to attract wholesale buyers you need to put yourself in their shoes.

Where would you search for wholesale deals? If you would search using the yellow pages, then you should take an ad in the yellow pages letting prospective customers know about your wholesale business.

If you would instead search at particular wholesale sites, you would want to be listed in those wholesale sites.

Avoid wasting money on advertising by buying ads in publications and sites which are not frequented by the particular type of wholesale buyer which you are after.

Just because a wholesale publication or site attracts wholesale buyers does not mean that it will work for you.

It has to attract wholesale buyers that are specifically in the market for the wholesale products which you offer.

Once you have attracted wholesale buyers to you, the next step is engaging them.

Engage your wholesale customers by being able to offer them a complete catalog of your products, including prices.

I have seen some wholesalers hiding their prices because of fear of their competition.

This is a bad move, since most wholesale buyers will lose interest in a wholesaler which is not forthcoming about his prices.

While your catalog can be in print or online, it is crucial that is clear and informative.

This catalog is often the only communication you will have with prospective wholesale buyers, so make sure it counts.

Donny Lowy is the CEO of the following wholesale and closeout businesses.

Source: www.articlesbase.com