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Beach Wedding Decorations For a Romantic Wedding

A beach wedding may be the most romantic and unique style of celebrating and personalizing your wedding, which will be remembered throughout your life time. A beach wedding can simply be a traditional affair with a completely a nautical theme. Some of the planning for a beach wedding may be a little complicated than a traditional ceremony but worth doing it.

A beach wedding decoration cannot use natural materials that are used in a normal wedding. For a beach wedding decoration, materials would be already present in the beach. Seashells, sea glass, and corals are some of them for implementing creative colors to the materials.

Sea shells, by far represent the most versatile decorating option, particularly for the design of the reception table’s center pieces, linens, table top accents as well as other components that make a well decorated reception not only memorable but also visually appeal able and complimentary. Also, work with the florist to capture the look and feel of the theme. Large seashells may be suitable idea not only to decorate the tables, but also to serve the wonderful purpose of candy containers. Exotic pieces of seashell decoration serve dual purposes are both equally attractive and cost-effective.

Twig votives and starfish paper confetti also can be used to dress up the reception table. Wedding arches can be made in a very special way using palm trees. A Polynesian style of genuine bamboo, tiki wedding hut can also be arranged. Colored sand can also be utilized for decoration or making theme drawings, which symbolizes the blending of lives and heart.

Tropical flowers like hibiscus, anthuriums, or plumerias are also used as decorations. Large glass bowls can be filled with colored sand and assorted seashells can be placed on the top to support the theme. Tint water blue and pour over pebbles or small rocks in a small bowl and fish shaped floating candles can be used to make the place a real hit.

Even the theme can be made more colorful and creative by arranging everything in the shape of the things which are found in the beach for example boat shaped wedding cake, light house shaped candle holders fish shaped candles and so on. Fabric used for the backdrop of your decorations may be used blue through out to match the color of the sea.

Placing a variety of shells in a transparent glass vase makes an easy reception table decorative piece. With a little bit of creative ideas, the beach side atmosphere can be carried on to maintain the theme, throughout the area.

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