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Have You Ever Tried Sea Urchin Rice Bowl?

It is very popular Japanese sea food rice bowl especially in northern region. Oh, at first I have to explain about rice bowl style eating. In japan, steamed rice is the main food to take carbohydrate and protein in every three meal.

Steamed rice is very convenient food, as itself do not have strong taste, it can be adjusted to any dishes of fish, meat, vegetables and so on. So we Japanese use it to make rice bowl with those meat or fish putting them on rice. This is one of the Japanese original fast food. You may know "Yoshinoya" in some US cities selling beef rice bowl.

Sea urchin, have you ever seen it in seaside or sea food shop?

It looks like a hedgehog or chestnut in spiky shell, but inside the spiky shell, you can find a lot of yellow or orange colored gonad and Japanese love to eat them.

Since the numbers of sea urchin gradually decreased in these a few decades, the sea urchin is not cheap enough to use it as fast food. Now sea urchin rice bowl costs more than 3000yen, 25 US dollars, however, you can enjoy it at reasonable price in seaside village in Aomori prefecture.

Local small restaurants usually have sea urchin rice bowl in their menu, and it costs less than 1500 yen with a lot of fresh sea urchin.

Nuidou syokudou is one of the famous small restaurant in Sai village.

You can enjoy seafood set with sea urchin rice bowl at 1500 yen, and surprisingly, you will find a lot of sea urchin gonad put on the rice bowl, more than two times much than expensive one you usually can eat in Sushi bar in Japanese big cities.

The taste of sea urchin taste like ...no I cannot imagine any western foods. Try and enjoy it when you visit Japan.


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