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Synthetic Aquarium Corals

Aquarium corals are beautiful things and anyone that enjoys having an aquarium wouldn't even consider anything but live coral to put in their aquarium. However there are times when you cannot get live coral for one reason or another, such as not being able to afford live coral or you have the kind of fish that could harm the coral and this is where synthetic coral comes in handy.

There are lots of beautiful synthetic coral on the market today that will certainly give your aquarium a reef tank look. They are just as beautiful as the real thing, but they are not live coral. This could prove to be an asset for someone that just wants the look and not the bother of caring for live coral.

When you purchase coral either alive or synthetic, don't go overboard with your purchase. You will get a better effect by placing pieces around your aquarium. This helps to break up the open spaces and adds flare to your tank. This also provides better shelter for your fish with lots of different places for them to run and hide when necessary or just to relax. If you have crustaceans or invertebrates, this is the perfect spot for them also.

When you buy coral and if it's the non-living type, make sure it has not been treated with chemicals and that it doesn't have a protective coating which can prove harmful to your fish. You won't find much of this in the ones that are manufactured specifically for saltwater aquariums, but you will find knock offs on the market. These are the ones that can be potentially dangerous for your aquarium.

With a live coral, you really need to be committed to keep them. They are very sensitive and need a lot of care in order to thrive. With non-living coral, it is not alive and doesn't need any care -just general cleaning of your tank. So it all boils down to how committed you are and what kind of aquarium you want. Though the live coral is a bit more work the pleasures are beyond anything you will ever experience.

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