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Benefits Of Coral Calcium

Coral calcium is acquired by grinding up limestone, which is found above the ground and was once part of the coral reef. Living coral reefs cannot be harvested because they are endangered. This calcium is said to have various benefits. There is a vast difference in opinions regarding the curative properties of coral calcium. In spite of these differences in opinions, it is proven that coral calcium has generated positive results.

It is observed that coral calcium helps in controlling hormonal release of the insulin hormone. Some results have shown that it improves the sugar level but there has not been enough proof to substantiate this theory. Coral calcium also helps in improving the general bone health and symptomatic heartburn in combination with an exercise program. This also proves to be beneficial to the general health of the body, reduces blood pressure, lowers cholesterol levels, and even helps in weight control.

Coral calcium is believed to have a holistic quality, and may also help to boost the immunity of individuals. It is stated that coral calcium has a high rate of absorption as compared to other sources of calcium, and harbors the ability to remove toxic waste and disintegrate heavy metals in the body.

Coral calcium has also been considered in being helpful in curing cancer since it increases the pH level of the body, which is required to kill cancerous cells. However, due to lack of sufficient evidence the researchers have not definitively stated this theory. Moreover, the other healthy cells of the body too are at a risk of being harmed due to coral calcium.

The major shortcoming of coral calcium is although they have been tried on human volunteers they have not been cited as official curing elements. Most of these claims are generally from companies that try to promote the usage of their coral calcium supplements. Whether the coral calcium is entirely useful still remains to be judged. Although, scientists are carrying out researches on these minerals it is to be borne in mind that they are extinct and hence, should be used wisely even if supportive evidence of them being helpful, is found.

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