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Remember the Aloe, Moe by James Hold - Book Review

James Hold second installment in the "Out of Texas Series," "Remember the Aloe, Moe," is one of the strangest books that I have ever read, but surprisingly entertaining. The back cover describes the book as a modern day retelling of the Old Testament story about Jacob, Rachel and Leah. The story was so far out there that I had a hard time making that connection. The author obviously has a funny and quirky sense of humor. He begins the book with a note that encourages readers to seek out Book One in the series.

The adventures in this story are about J, a radioactive cat turned human living in the great state of Texas. J becomes J-Man, a professional wrestler who finds himself in one absurd circumstance after another. The novel opens when a college professor gives J an injection to remember his past. He recalls meeting his love, the beautiful Princess Sibelle who is trapped in Rapunzel's tower by Merlin. Of course it turns out that she could have left by the back entrance but that would have meant she would have had to use the servant's entrance.

In today's time, J is competing in a wrestling match when he rescues Josie (who he feels strangely itchy around - she turns out to be a mosquito) and is transported out of town. From there it takes many bizarre twists in his quest to win acceptance in the wrestling world.

You have to wonder what kind of person writes this kind of book. He writes that he is a lifelong fan of Godzilla and lucha libre wrestling. I am not sure but I do know that James Hold would be the person I would want to be seated next to at a dinner party or charity event, but I am guessing he probably does not spend much time at those events. "Remember the Aloe, Moe" is definitely for the quirky reader with a good sense of humor. But you have been warned - you will probably be left with the feeling that you just read something very good, but you are just not sure what it was.

iUniverse (2007)
ISBN 9780595441242
Reviewed by Cherie Fisher for Reader Views (11/07)


Source: www.articlealley.com