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What Is Coral Calcium?

Corals are tiny marine animals correlated to the sea life. They live in the form of skeletal polyps known as hermatypic corals and stony corals, which have an external skeleton of calcium carbonate. Polyps are clones, which grow on the skeletal remains of past generations of Polyps. They collectively form a coral head. Corals are typically found living in colonies formed by hundreds of individual polyps. Stony corals living together as a group are generally known as coral reefs. Coral reefs are derivatives of the accumulated coral skeletal remains. Coral reefs take particular shapes because of wave patterns and varying temperatures of land and water, which are vital for its survival.

Salts of calcium that are obtained from fossilized coral reefs are known as coral calcium. Coral calcium is acquired by grinding up limestone, which is found above the ground and was once part of the coral reef. Living coral reefs cannot be harvested because they are endangered.

Calcium carbonate, small amounts of magnesium, and other trace minerals together constitute the Coral calcium. Despite the claims of some companies selling this product, the calcium carbonate obtained from coral reefs is chemically identical to other sources of the chemical.

Coral calcium may contain trace minerals that may be helpful to the humans who are deficient in them. The calcium that is offered by the corals is indistinguishable to any other limestone. Many theories regarding corals have been propagated even though no solid evidences are available to support them. The recent humors regarding coral calcium are that it can cure cancer by increasing body pH. Scientists have proven that cancer cells cannot survive at high pH levels. However, it is yet to be confirmed whether the coral calcium only neutralizes the pH levels or actually causes damage to other healthy body cells as well.

Even though coral calcium may be helpful for the body, individuals have other sources of calcium to avail of. Individuals should not entirely depend on coral calcium as it is depleting and it will soon become extinct if its usage is not curbed.

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