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Seashells Wedding Favors - Perfect Wedding Favor For A Beach Wedding

The most important part in organizing a wedding function is for the couples to decide on the theme that is best suited for their marriage. During olden days, most of the wedding used to be held in churches and marriages. There was absolutely no theme based marriage ceremonies then. Wedding ceremonies are based on different themes, depending on the interest of the couple, the budget, imagination and the season in which they are getting married. But, nowadays most couples prefer to have their weddings based on a theme and the most popular among them is the beach wedding theme. Weddings with a beach theme are the most preferred by not only the couples but also by the guests because of the natural scenic settings and the exhilarating ambience it creates for a pleasurable and enjoyable wedding. So, once the beach theme wedding is freezed upon, it will be easy for the couple to choose the perfect beach wedding favor. The most common among the beach wedding favor is the seashells wedding favor.

The wedding favor is the small gift that the bride and the groom present to their guests during their wedding ceremony. The beach wedding theme is considered as the most romantic type of wedding and couples carefully choose the wedding favors for their beach wedding. The favorite among the beach wedding favor is the seashells wedding favors. There are a wide range of wedding favors made of seashells and each one is different than the other. The use of seashells as wedding favors will provide the most natural look to the ordinary looking wedding favor and will also enhance the beauty of the wedding favor. The guest also prefer to have seashells wedding favors as gifts which will be remainder for them about the joyous and enjoyable day they had during the wedding for a lifetime.

Seashells wedding favors are readily available and are in expensive. One of the less expensive gifts among the seashells wedding favor is the chocolates that are gifted to the guests in the shape of the seashell. Various shapes of these seashell chocolates can be put in either glass boxes or small bags with a ribbon to tie it all together and gifted to the guests that are also fun for the guests. Also use of the seashells as decorated frames on the outside of the picture frame is also a good option for a seashell wedding favor. Another choice that is prominent among the modern couples as wedding favors is the silver plate tea candle holder that is shaped like a large nautilus shell or a relatively simple one like the glass candle holders that are etched to give a seashell look.

Another option for the couples is to gift their guests with a small pail that is filled with different shells that they personally collect from the sandy summer beaches. This is a good option as a personal touch is felt in these wedding favors which the guests will cherish in their memories for a long time. The other types of seashell wedding favors are shell bottle openers, seashell shapes cookies, seashell candies etc. The seashells wedding favors are one of the cheapest wedding favor and will come anywhere in the price range of 1$ to 5$ depending on the shape, size and the materials used. These seashell wedding favors are considered as blessings from the sea to the guests as well as the couples.

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