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Searching for Sea Shells and Memories

Do you remember that feeling of excitement and wonder as a child when embarking on a new adventure? For me, this often meant outdoor activities like fishing, or when I was near one, a trip to the beach. The beach was the ultimate land of opportunity presenting new sea shell treasures with each incoming wave. Back then, life was simple, we looked at the world with innocent eyes, free from the complexities and misguided interpretations often associated with experience and maturity. Well, just as you had that feeling when you were young, your child still has yet to "outgrow" that wondrous feeling. Why not allow your child every opportunity to build lasting memories during his/her precious youth?

My daughter loves going to the beach looking for sea shells. She carries her little bucket gathering "pretty shells" always making sure to stay a couple steps ahead of me, ensuring her first opportunity at all the washed up treasures. To her, it doesn't matter if the shells are broken as long as they appeal to her personal intrinsic value. What a valuable reminder to me. Life is full of imperfections and diversity but true beauty comes from within. Of course, the real beauty is the happiness, fulfillment, and memories my daughter has captured from the expedition. Each time she would proudly show me her newly discovered sea shell it would bring a smile to my face, reminiscing about the feelings only childhood innocence can bring.

Of course, collecting sea shells on the beach is not the only way to create lasting memories for a child. Each day is a new opportunity to embellish your child's life through adventure and excitement. For me, this fact can easily get lost in the flurry of everyday life; and tapping into the adventure of seemingly mundane or boring activities is difficult. However, life is like a giant balance beam: If I take too much time for myself, I will have to give back somewhere else. On the contrary, if I give freely, I will experience the rewards in other areas. I've found that life has a way of balancing itself out.

Alan's walks along the beach has inspired him to start a new sea shell venture, HB Shells & Sea. He has found creative ways to use all those naturally found sea shell treasures in beautiful sea shell jewelry, frames, boxes, and signs. To explore his sea shell treasures, visit http://www.hbshellsandsea.com

Source: www.isnare.com