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Science Fair Project

It's time for the science fair and you need to come up with an eye popping experiment. First of all some of the best projects are the simple ones. The best plan is to sit down and write out your plan.

1) You Need a question

2) A Hypothesis

3) The Procedure

4) The Results

5) You have your conclusion

First you need a question for your science project. The question is: something you don't understand and want to know what happens if . . . The basis for this is to keep everything the same and change one thing. Now you have an experiment because you are finding a fact. We do this every day. Did you ever put a piece of bread in the toaster frozen and one thawed for the same period of time to determine which one gets toasted fastest. You just did an experiment.

Second you need a hypothesis. Don't worry about the big name. All it means is that you determine what you thing the outcome of your question will be. It doesn't have to be right or wrong. You are just determining the outcome.

Third the procedure. How will you do the experiment. What will stay the same and what one thing will you change to test. With the toast experiment you kept the bread the toaster and the time. The only thing you changed was to freeze the bread.

Fourth are the results. What actually happened in the science project. All you have to do is get a spiral notebook and keep a log everyday of what it happening.

Fifth is the conclusion. This tells what you have learned in the science fair project. Did the hypothesis come true or was there other alternative findings in your science fair project? If you write out a quick outline like this you will make sure to cover everything you need for your science projects.

Written by Lesa Bolt to help kids make their science project less scary and more enjoyable http://scienceprojects.fetching.us

Source: www.articlesbase.com