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Research on Coral Calcium

Research on coral calcium has been extensive, yet it is important for consumers to be aware of the source of their information. Since many scientists and researchers have been open about their findings on coral calcium, and more importantly, the benefits of coral calcium on health, many dishonest companies have jumped on the bandwagon. In other words, some companies that are claiming they sell only the highest quality coral calcium are in fact selling cheap substitutes.

Furthermore, research on coral calcium has shown that there are two distinct grades of coral calcium, one being far superior to the other. Fossilized beach coral does not retain its nutritional content, as exposure to the elements has weathered this coral over time. The result is that the mineral content is lower than that of marine coral, which is the other type of coral calcium.

Learn about the Research on Coral Calcium before You Buy

Marine coral calcium retains its entire mineral content because it is naturally pushed to the ocean floor by tiny organisms or by the constant surge of ocean water. It is then collected for use in natural supplements. This high quality marine coral is harvested in a completely ecologically safe manner, bringing no undue harm to the live coral reefs. In addition, the composition of this type of marine coral is most similar to that of the live coral.

This research on coral calcium has shown that marine grade coral can be absorbed by the body and utilized to its fullest capacity. For anyone who is worried about a calcium deficiency, it makes sense to take a natural coral calcium supplement that is easily assimilated by the body to help it better fight off illness and disease.

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