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Other Uses for Wallpaper Borders

Though Wallpapers and Borders are typically meant for walls, they can be very useful for decorating a host of other items in the house. If you have a few extra leftover strips, you can really keep yourself busy using only a pair of scissors, glue, your creativity and imagination.

If you had bought a themed Wallpaper Border, with pictures such as animals, sceneries, flowers, etc, you can frame and hang a piece on the wall where you applied the Wallpaper border, but not on the Border itself. This will give a very nice blending effect if the picture comes along with a background pattern.

You can give a little flair to your old kitchen cabinets, cupboards, organizers and trash bins by covering them with leftover strips. Choose designs that will complement the room; for example, Borders that have pictures of food for your kitchen furniture.

Wallpaper Borders can also be used to cut out figures of your favorite animals, teddy bears, dolls and other shapes. Paste them on the walls, mirrors, shelves, doors etc. You can also use these figures to make refrigerator picture frame magnets by using cardboard and a piece of magnet.

If you have some ugly looking cornice around the house, why not put in a little style by covering it up with a pleasant looking Wallpaper Border that will be able to blend with the Wallpaper. You can do the same thing with those old books on the shelves that have mottled black-and-white cardboard binding or covers that have faded.

Besides these great ideas, Wallpaper Border leftovers also come in handy if you have hobbies like decoupage. You can blend the Border strips along with the other papers and create wonderful patterns and designs.

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