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Organizing with Classification Folders - Top 20 Ideas

I LOVE using Classification Folders. I will use any excuse I can find to rationalize utilizing these little pronged wonders! Mostly I use the 6-prong Classification Folders, but they also come in 2 prong, 4 prong and they even have ones with elastic bands for the corners. These are absolutely brilliant for large files. The last time I used the elastic bands were for a client's Business Development Contract files. They had the Lead Sheet, Proposal, Contract, Sales Account Plan, Meeting Notes, and Sales Forecast and it was gorgeous! The Account Manager had an instant snap shot of their client and papers never fell out of the file! Not only did the papers stay put, it made the AM look like a million bucks when visiting with clients. Although this is a standard reason for using classification folders, it's not the only one!

I have put together a fun little list of some of my all time favorite uses for organizing papers using Classification Folders. Sit back, enjoy the list, and let your imagination run wild with the possibilities!

1. Ultimate To Do List
2. Organize Your Wedding Plans
3. Daily Routine
4. Client Files
5. Projects
6. Work Instructions
7. Emergency Plan
8. Technician Schedule
9. Company Plan Book
10. Sign Up Forms
11. Account Plans
12. Contracts
13. Travel Plans
14. Cheat Sheets
15. Trade Shows
16. Meetings
17. Rental Properties
18. Production Time Lines
19. Website Design
20. Employee Files

Whichever use you find for the folder, be sure and distinguish between topics for ease in finding papers. Other than that, enjoy your new found life of contained paper!

Happy Organizing!

Suzanne Babb
Organizational Empowerment

For over 20 years, Suzanne has been helping corporations and small businesses organize their time so they can spend more time and energy doing the things that are most important to them. With a philosophy of "life is too short", she thrives on making the most of her time and trying to encourage those around her to do the same.

As an organizational consultant, public speaker, and former radio talk show host; Suzanne has been offering her Organizational Quick Tips to anyone and everyone who will stand still and listen for "30-seconds".

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