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Microsoft Word 2003 - Drawing a Target Diagram on the Fly

You do not need an additional graphics program to insert a Target Diagram into your MS Word 2003 document.

Target Diagrams are great to show the successive steps leading to a central goal.

First of all, display your DRAW toolbar which will be very handy in changing the formatting of individual pieces of your diagram.

Then click the 3-ball button on your DRAW tool bar to display the Diagram Gallery dialog box.

Select the Target Diagram button on the lower-right. When you click the OK button, your diagram will be inserted in the document where your cursor is.

By clicking the different buttons on your Diagram mini tool-bar you can accomplish the following changes to your diagram:

• You can insert additional rings by clicking the Insert Shape button. To delete a ring, just select it and press the Delete button on your keyboard.

• Here is a feature I really love – to move the rings in and out, click one of the two “Move Shape” buttons on the mini tool-bar. It's great fun to see the rings moving around the "target board."

• Click Layout drop-down list and select an option from the drop-down menu to change the formatting of the diagram.

• To select one of the pre-saved diagram templates, click the Autoformat button and choose a template.

• Click the “Click to Add Text” text to change the label of individual rings.

• By clicking on the appropriate buttons on the DRAW toolbar you can change the formatting, color etc. of individual rings in any way you like.


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