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Microsoft Word 2003 - Create a Cycle Diagram in a Second

Cycle Diagrams show the circular relationships between related processes.

You can create an amazing variety of fantastic-looking Cycle Diagrams in Microsoft Word 2003 without using any external graphic programs.

1) Display your DRAW toolbar by selecting View > Toolbars > Drawing.

2) Place your cursor where you want to insert your chart or diagram.

3) Click the 3-spinning-balls icon on your DRAW toolbar. The tooltip message should read “Insert Diagram or Organization Chart.”

4) From the Diagram Gallery window, select the Cycle Diagram button on the Upper Center. The DIAGRAM Mini-Bar displays automatically.

5) Click the Insert Shape drop-down menu on the Mini-Bar to insert new Arrows and diagram elements. To delete one, select it with your mouse and then press the Delete key.

6) Click the “Click to Add a Text” label to add a text.

7) To move the typed-in text around in a circle, select and click one of the “Ball Icons” (Move Shape Backward, and, Move Shape Forward) on the Mini-Bar..

8) Click the Layout drop-down menu to fit the diagram to contents, expand the diagram, shrink the diagram, or resize the diagram.

9) To autoformat the diagram, click the Autoformat button on the Mini-Bar and select one of the available format templates.

10) Select a text wrapping option (if need be) by clicking the Text Wrapping button on the Mini-Bar and selecting one of the available options.

11) Switch to a different diagram by clicking the Change To drop-down menu on the Mini-Bar.

12) Experiment with other buttons on the DRAW toolbar for an infinite variety of different effects. For example, select an arrow and change its color by clicking the Paint Bucket button, or add drop shadows by clicking 3D button and selecting an option.


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