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Live Coral In The Reef Aquarium Come In Many Different Varieties

Reef aquariums containing an assortment of live coral and saltwater fish are becoming more popular today more then ever before. It used to be that these aquariums were reserved for only the most experienced aquarists with the deepest pockets, but today many in the hobby are enjoying affordable successful reef aquariums.

The focal point for any reef tank is the live coral. Coral comes in a few different forms and they are normally broken down into three different categories amongst reef keepers and fish stores alike.

Soft Coral: Soft corals are corals that have no hard skeleton and are considered by many hobbiests to be beginners corals. These corals are extremely hardy and most do not require expensive lighting to grow and thrive in your tank.

Stony Corals:Stony corals are SPS as they are often referred to are the brightest most colorful corals that the hobbiest can acquire. Colors range from bright pink to deep blue. However along with the beauty comes increased care levels. These live corals require pristine water conditions, high calcium levels and generally expensive bright metal halide lighting. It is recommended that these corals be left to advanced reef keeper with a few years experience.

Large Polyp Stony Corals: Large polyps corals or LPS as they are commonly referred to in the hobby are considered the middle of the road in terms of care and difficulty to maintain. They are also very colorful and many people love the movement they add to the their tanks. Although they are relatively hardy this type the live coral in this group require a wide range of lighting and water flow so the right advice from a reputable coral dealer should be sought out before purchasing this type of animal.

Although they may seem exotic and difficult to care for live coral in the reef aquarium are some of the most enjoyable and easy to care for aquarium inhabitants. And by purchasing healthy animals from a reputable dealer your mini reef will be thriving for many years.

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Source: www.isnare.com