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Lip Piercings

Many people express themselves through the type of clothing they wear, while others do so through the kind of haircut they wear. Another way to express your individuality is through body piercing. Getting certain parts of your body pierced entails more responsibility, especially right after you get the piercing. This is especially true for some of the most sensitive areas where piercing is done, including the lips.

Taking care of a piercing is like taking care of a little wound that need to be given adequate time to heal. For lip piercing, this is true because the lips are some of the most sensitive parts of the body and it takes 2 to 3 months for lip piercing to heal, when you get them, you should take the necessary steps to ensure that it heals properly. One of these includes not taking out the jewelry during the healing period, which can cause the piercing to close. You should also avoid applying ointments, makeup, and shaving cream on the piercing. This is because apart from keeping oxygen out of the piercing, which hastens the healing process, using these on lip piercing keeps the piercing moist, which also slows down the healing process.

There are several steps that you should take in caring for lip piercing. One of these includes washing your hands before touching the area of the piercing because the hands carry a lot of bacteria. It would also be a good idea to clean the piercing twice a day but not more than that, as overcleaning may also slow down the healing process because of over exposure to moisture. If you avoid doing the things that could cause more problems and doing things that could effectively hasten the healing of the lip piercing.

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