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Kids Wallpaper Borders Ideas

Deciding what kind of Wallpaper Borders to put up for your kidís room can be time-consuming. Itís important that you choose a theme that your child will appreciate. A great Wallpaper Border decoration for kids does not need to have multiple designs. A simple, yet interesting design can really enhance your kidís room decoration. Here are a few simple, yet great ideas.

Kids, especially boys, love Movie-themed Wallpaper Borders. For example, if your kid is a Star Wars fan, you might want to buy Border patterns decorated with the movie characters, spaceships and other gadgets used in the movie.

Wallpaper borders with Story Book or cartoon characters can really add color and light to your kidís room. Choose from a variety of fairytale or comic book characters like the little mermaid, Peter Pan, Puss in Boots, Garfield, Asterix etc.

Transportation themed Wallpaper Borders can also be fun. You can get Borders that feature your kidís favorite automobiles. For example, if your child likes trains, itíd be a great idea to put up train track borders on his wall.

If your kid has a favorite animal, heíd love to have pictures of it on his wall. There are hundreds of animal Wallpaper Borders to choose from such as horses, lions, dogs, tigers, cats, etc. Go for the colorful ones because some Animal Borders may not be specifically designed for kids.

You can do a lot with colors too. Camouflage Borders can give a very nice army-themed room decoration while blue, tan and ivory combined with a blend of various wild animals can produce the perfect Safari look. Little girls also love colors. So if you have one in the family, get Borders dotted with pink hearts, colorful little elves, butterflies and fairies.

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