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Italian Charms - a Little Girls First Bracelet

Let's face it. Little girls truly enjoy jewelry! I feel lucky that I was able to introduce my young granddaughter to jewelry. I did it by purchasing her an Italian charm bracelet.

Italian charm products are an inexpensive, yet good quality piece of sturdy jewelry that won't break with little hands fumbling around putting it on and taking it off. There are no clasps to be concerned about; simply stretch it over your hand. Italian charm bracelets can be designed in a unique and personal way by choosing from an evergrowing selection of Italian charms to be snapped into place. Italian charms can be interchanged easily to make new and different styles.

In creating my granddaughter's Italian charm bracelet, I kept her young interests in mind. She takes dance lessons, so I got her an Italian charm with ballet slippers on it. I bought her an Italian charm with ice skates because she loves to go ice skating on the family's frozen pond. She also enjoys picking flowers and watching butterflies, so I chose Italian charms with a butterfly and flower for her. She especially enjoys swimming in the summer months, so I was thrilled to find an Italian charm with a floating innertube ring on it.

The cheerful little bracelet that I designed for my granddaughter is the perfect starter piece of jewelry for a perfect little girl. (Okay, maybe I'm a little biased about how perfect she is!) Her Hello Kitty bracelet can grow with her as she grows and gradually change themes as her interests mature. It's a gift that I'm sure will help remind her of me during those times when I can't be near her.

As Laura Weaver points out, you can create your own unique jewelry by choosing from a very wide selection of Italian charm options. You might choose from a Hello Kitty Italian charm bracelet for a child or even an Elvis Italian charm bracelet for an adult.

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