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It Does Matter To This One

The latest statistic by the Internet World Stat on active domain, i.e. active websites on the Internet is seventy-two millions three hundred thousand over sites.

If you are one of the active website owner, congratulation! If you are one of those aspiring person who have some niche product or knowledge or skill and intended to venture into Internet Marketing and Online Business but taken aback by the sheer number of active websites, and thought to yourself, “What the heck, it won’t not make any difference?” Think again! Read the following story.

A man was walking on the beach in the early morning enjoying the morning breeze and sun rise. He then saw from a distance, a teenager was picking up something and threw it into the sea as he walked alone the beach. The man was curious and walked faster and caught up with the teenager. He saw that the teenager was actually picking up the starfish that was being washed ashore by the tide the night before and threw them back into the ocean. He then asked the teenager what he was doing. The teenagers replied that he was trying to save the starfish by throwing them back to the sea. The man told the teenager “It won’t help and does not matter as there are too many of them, how many can you help?” The teenager than picked up another starfish and showed it to the man and said, “Sir, it does matter to this one!” and then threw the said starfish into the ocean

If you have intension of starting an Internet marketing or online business to market your unique product or the niche knowledge or skill that you possess; but worry about the competition which is holding you back, think about the Starfish that was being thrown back into the sea. It does not matter to those starfish which had been left behind by the teenager but it matter a lot to the one been picked and thrown to the sea.

Your website may be one of the millions in the ocean of Internet and it does not matter to other webmasters and those surfers who never even knew your sites or niche existed, but to those who needed your product, niche knowledge or skill and who happens to visit your sites and use the information or product to help them solve their problem, it matter a lot.. With that you might done a great service to the one who is in need of assistance. And more importantly, it matter a lot to you

Remember, it does matter to the one starfish that been picked and thrown back to the ocean!

“Forget what others think, the thing that matters is what you think yourself – and that you believe in yourself.” Nicholas Beffel.

SK Wong is a Charter Marketer with a MBA in Finance providing Marketing and Risk Management training and services to his local business community. His online Business Resources for Small Business Home Business and aspiring netrepreneurs can be view at http://www..clickabiznes.com

Source: www.ezinearticles.com