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Identifying Birds

Is there anything as peaceful as a slow quiet walk through the woods on a quiet Sunday morning? If there is, Iím not sure what it could be. Listening to all the sounds of the woods can be a very relaxing experience. If you are at all interested in the different species of birds and learning to identify birds, this kind of a walk can be an amazing experience. I donít recommend bringing along small children as the task of locating and identifying the different kinds of birds is one that is best done quietly.

Although my golden retriever adores walks(runs)through the woods, I cannot trust her to be quiet either, so dogs are not really recommended as well.

The job of identifying birds can be a difficult one. Most birds do not stay quietly in one place as you approach them to check for any identifying marks. I recommend bringing a good pair of binoculars with you on your walk. This way, you can observe the bird from a distance as well as look for any distinguishing features. You should also being along a small notebook to make notes and perhaps even draw small pictures of the birds that you find. Making notes about different colored markings, size and other features will be very important when you sit down to try to figure out all the different types of birds you saw.

There are many different ways to identify birds. As you are looking at them, you should take note of the color, shape, location(geography), any specific features and/or field marks, the behavior of the bird and any nests or nesting locations.

Probably the easiest way to identify birds is by their feathers. The feathers of different types of birds vary in color. The feathers cover a birds entire body, but are separated in patches by bare skin. If you can get a close enough look at the bird, this can be a great help in identifying the type of bird you saw.

There are also many different types of bills on different types of birds. They include a cone shape, a daggar shape, a curved shape, a hooked shape and a needle-like shape. This is an important to feature to look at and make a note of and can be very helpful in identifying the type of bird.

Bird identifying can be a very enjoyable hobby for everyone. Although looking or the different types of birds maybe a task better suited for a older child or at least one who is able to keep quiet, the act of identifying the birds based on your notes is one that most children will enjoy. Especially if done with a parent or grandparent. You could also do what my parents have done which is attach a birdfeeder to their window. My children spend a great deal of time watching the birds come to eat and have great fun describing them to my parents. Identifing birds can be a great hobby for people of all ages.

This article was written by Jennie Crawford. I enjoy identifying different types of birds.

Source: www.isnare.com