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Ideas for Wedding Keepsake Gifts for Guests

Finding wedding keepsake gifts for guests of the wedding is somewhat easier with a theme in mind. For sea themes there are several wonderful gifts for the guests of the wedding such as sea shell shaped tea light candles, name card holders that come in many fun shapes like buckets of sand and sea shells, heart shaped sails on a boat, or various sea shell shapes.

There are also several different kinds of soap in different shapes like palm trees, hearts, wedding cakes, sea shells, or many other shapes to compliment any wedding theme. One gets many wine stoppers to compliment any theme, as well as coasters, or clear boxes to hold candy coated almonds in several colors to compliment the wedding theme.

Photo albums make wonderful wedding keepsake gifts that the guests of the wedding can use to store their treasured photographs of the big day. To pamper the guests after they leave the wedding a scented sachet in many shapes or bath salts also in nearly any wedding themed shapes are available as wedding favors.

For the bride or groom who loves to cook, there are wedding keepsake gifts to suit that too, such as measuring spoons, whisks, ice cream scoops, and butter knives. These items can all add something unique to the favor bags of the wedding guests. For the bookworms several bookmarks are available in several styles.

Candles make fantastic wedding keepsake gifts. They are available in all styles; clear candles with submerged wax flowers, unusual votive holders in any themed shape, and even more shapes to suit any theme.

Even more wedding keepsake gifts would include salt and pepper shakers shaped like hearts, miniature potted plants, incense in specific scents, miniature jars of honey, bottle openers, heart shape tea steeper, coin purses, and sewing kits. Manicure kits, personalized mints, lip glosses, compact mirrors, note books, and personalized pens are always appreciated by wedding guests.

Finding wedding keepsake gifts is not as hard as it might seem at first glance. The options are virtually limitless. All it takes is picking a theme, a little creativity, and spending time to search for different wedding keepsake gifts that fit in with your theme.

Chrystal Holman recommends these wedding favors and bridal gifts.

Source: www.ezinearticles.com