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Coral Reefs in Crises and Coral Bleaching

It is a well-known fact that our oceans are in crisis. We humans are indeed partly to blame for this for pollution discharges from our rivers and streams throughout our civilization, as well as over fishing so many regions of our oceans. With huge algae blooms forming off our coastlines, red tide and dead zones where there is little if any sea life, which was once abundant.

There is another very scary thing happening, it is major coral bleaching, which at first was small but is now expanding across the Caribbean. It is getting to a point of being severe in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. NASA and NOAA are concerned and it is very easy to see by satellite and it is scaring many oceanographers experts. This coral bleaching event is resulting in what scientists say is a significant coral death issue in the entire region and they are concerned with spreading.

These bleaching events are occurring from the Florida Keys to Tabago and Barbasos in the Antilles and as far west as Panama and Costa Rica. What is worse is the extremely warm water is making it even worse. Everyone should be concerned with this, as our surrounding oceans are omnipotent to the human race in the Western Hemisphere.


The Coral Bleaching was first noticed as severe in August of this year, but it has already spread to the entire Eastern Caribbean. Prolonged coral bleaching can lead to coral death and loss of ecosystems and localized marine life in the regions. The future ramifications of this are truly great and not just the relocation of Great White Sharks looking for human surfer food on our warmest beaches either. Think on this.

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