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Coral Reef Damage Predictions for 2006

As mankind gets more innovative with Ocean ecology and environmental sensors we see an alarming trend as the Climate Changes. In 2005 we noticed what human pollution has been doing to our Oceanís Coral Reef, both from NASA GeoSats and ground sensors. Scientists can tell by the colors of the Coral Reefs and by using various infrared waves to see the slow degradation and changes.

Some are happening too fast for comfort and alarming even the alarmists. Some of the issues with the Coral Reefs are due to algae blooms, which have been torn apart and sent into those regions, some is from floating pollution, which has clumped together. Oil spills also cause issues and the run off from mankindís activities on land. Coral Bleaching in the Caribbean was shown to have been much worse than thought as we used our sensors and weather equipment to track Hurricanes we noticed bigger issues on our coral living reefs.

Scientists expect this negative trend to continue and for many specialty niche species to die off as they fight for the food left and the diversity of life diminishes. Some believe that the issues are so critical that even drastic measures will not help now. These scientists predict that we will lose most of our coral reef life within the next decade much like we are losing the large Glaciers in the World. Climate Change is partly at fault and in the case of coral reefs and ocean dead zones off our human civilization coastlines and that is partly our fault as well. It is not a good thing and this trend will continue to grow worse in 2006. Think on this.

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Source: www.articlesbase.com