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Cocoa Shell Mulch - The Ideal Mulch Solution For Your Garden

In nature, mulch is naturally provided for plants due to falling leaves, needles, bark and withered flowers. It is very important that in our own gardens that we also provide mulch. The reason for this is not just that it looks good but it also provides many practical benefits.


Because cocoa bean hulls are natural, over time they will break down and provide your plants with nutrients which reward you with healthy plants and flowers. It is also something that looks nice, much better than just dirt or grass. You can use it in landscaping, as well as in keeping your outdoor areas healthy.

The most popular place to use cocoa shell mulch is around the base of trees or in flower beds along your garden path or around your lawn. You are going to find that many trees and bushes have long branches which created a lot of shade, and therefore grass does not grow as well underneath these trees and bushes. If you put some cocoa shell mulch under them, you are going to find that you are having a much better time because you won't be trying to get grass to grow at all. Instead, you will be seeing that you can put down the cocoa shell mulch and not worry about it. If you ring the bases of your trees and bushes with the mulch, and then create a border out of stones or bricks or other landscaping materials, you can create a nice looking area with little work.

You can also use cocoa shell mulch in your garden, by putting it under the plants and around the rows of food. This is going to mean that there is less chance of weeds growing, and also the mulch is going to help you fertilize your plants.

Cocoa shell mulch is very versatile and can be utilized in many areas of your garden. When designing your garden, the materials you use shouldn't just be chosen because they look good but they should also add to a healthy environment. Therefore cocoa shells are an ideal choice for your garden mulch.

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Source: www.articletrader.com