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Calcium Coral

Corals are organisms that live in the depths of the warm waters around Japan, Taiwan, Australia, the Red Sea, the Mediterranean, the Malayan Archipelago, and other warm places. Besides being a tourist attraction and a popular choice for jewelry, corals also contain many useful substances that are of interest to pharmacists.

One of the most famous uses of corals in pharmacy and health care is to prepare capsules with calcium and other minerals. Since the varieties of coral that are used for making capsules generally contain magnesium as well, such food additives are extremely useful for people, even if they do not have explicit calcium deficiency. Due to the special geometric structure of corals, when coral calcium pills are consumed orally, they ionize the human body, thus making it more active biologically.

Not all types of corals are calcium corals. Of the two types of calcium corals those harvested from the ocean and those obtained from land - only the first type is suitable for making capsules. One of the most famous places in the world for obtaining calcium coral are the coral reefs in the Ryukyu Islands of Okinawa, Japan.

After minerals are extracted from the coral, they are processed and then sold on the market. One of the indisputable advantages of coral calcium is that the calcium is 100% absorbable by the human body, whereas for other calcium products this percentage is only 5. No doubt: calcium corals are a precious sea gift!

The downside of extracting calcium from corals is that this is a very expensive way to obtain calcium, and can be very damaging to coral reefs.

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