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Body Piercing Aftercare

Aftercare of a new body piercing is the most important thing you can do as the customer to help ensure your piercing heals correctly and to avoid infection. The piercing artist will hopefully have clean equipment, clean jewelry, and a clean salon, but from the moment you walk out of the piercing salon or parlor, the cleanliness of your wound is up to you.

Instructions on how you should care for your specific body piercing will be provided by the piercer, but here are some general tips for good body piercing aftercare. Always wash your hands before touching the pierced area of your body. Avoid touching the body piercing unnecessarily as this will introduce unwanted bacteria

Apply sterile saline solution to the body piercing as part of your aftercare. The best aftercare saline step is to use a cup to sock the piercing, but if this isnít possible, just use a sterile cotton ball or gauze. Towels tend to harbor bacteria so avoid them.

Shower instead of bathe. This will keep the piercing clean and free from bacteria. Also make sure to dry the body piercing with gauze or cotton balls. Body piercing aftercare is simple, but crucial to maintaining an attractive body piercing.

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